Need To Find Someone To Repair My Daneker

by Marlene
(Hanover, MD)

Hi. My Danker Cumberland clock stopped working after we had dismantled it to have our floors refinished.

My husband set it up again and it LOOKS like all is in order, but it won't run.

Tried resetting the weights; the pendulum swings for a few seconds and it ticks, but it never gets to the point where you can hear the gears moving, like we could before so I definitely need someone to investigate the problems.

We've had this clock since 1980 and I miss hearing it.

Anyone know of someone who works on these in the Baltimore area?



Hi there Marlene
Before you contact a repair shop you should check if the clock is absolutely level. Use a spirit level do this. If all else fails you could contact
Master Clock & Watchmaker
Telephone: 410-465-6226
8435 Main Street
(Frederick Road)
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

I hope you will be able to enjoy that great clock again.
Regards Jeen
(site admin

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Jan 04, 2018
Chimes NEW
by: Cindy

We moved our clock from my parents to our own home at first it chimed now it all of a sudden stopped chiming the only thing we did was my husband pulled up the weights when they were halfway down did that have anything to do with it stopping to chime. And how do I correct it. Galore

Jul 09, 2014

Thanks for the info Jeen! My husband checked to see if it is level and says that's not the issue. At least we now have someone to call for repair. Much appreciated.

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