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by kim

I just purchasee a used Trend by Sligh.

Style 847wm-41.
I have it all leveled and once the pendulum was started, it will not keep going back and forth.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

It will run for a bit and then it stops.

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Dec 02, 2013
Clocks that run a bit and then quit
by: Don Perry

When a clock runs a bit and then quits, it is usually one of three possible problems: 1) the pendulum is not "in beat". The time between each "tick" and "tock" should be equal. Some movements have a wheel attached to the pendulum to adjust the beat. Others are adjusted through a friction fit of the crutch to the verge. 2) one or more of the pivot holes in the clock plate have worn to the point of gear teeth locking and stopping the clock. The worn pivot holes need to be rebushed by a competent clock repair shop. 3) the movement is dirty and has excess friction from dirty pivots and pivot holes. A proper cleaning and oiling will correct this. Do NOT simply oil dirty pivots. This will suspend the dirt in the oil and make a grinding paste that will cause rapid wear of the pivots and pivot holes.

Nov 25, 2012
Clock Value
by: Scott Nichols

How old is your clock? I have the same style number I was trying to find the value on it because I'm moving and need to sell it.

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