Please Help!! My clock moved erratically and then stopped.

by John R. Bray, Jr.
(Bloomiington, In. USA)

I sent my 9 tube works out for repair.

I installed it in my new walnut cabinet in 1998.
It ran for 14 years with lubrication each six months.

It stopped after misbehaving, chiming extra notes, running rather poorly, and then stopped.
6 months ago, after it was serviced in Evansville, In. I put it back in service.

It ran about 2 months and stopped.
The second hand was moving erratically, sometimes a steady, even motion and then a galloping motion.

I lubricated the escapement and it responded. It kept really good time and then started running fast suddenly about two minutes with a galloping second hand.

I reset the hands and it would run well, then it would race forward within a week and then it stopped.
I lubricated the escapement again to no avail so I washed the works with wd40, hoping to find the gears which were causing this problem. No luck.

The clock has always had a loose verge which causes galloping so I secured it to the shaft with rubber cement. Now, with the weights in play, I manually tipped the verge to allow the escapement wheel to move.

I have removed the pendulum hoping to encourage movement but it won't react.

When I press on the verge on the left side, it allows the wheel to index but when I press the right side it won't index.

What can I do?

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Aug 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I hate to say it but you need a good clock repair person who makes housecalls

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