Question about setting time on Colonial Model: 1302 Movement: 64

by Larry Berlinski
(Beachwood, NJ, USA)

We've aquired the Colonial model 1302 with movement 64 grandfather's clock. Apparently it hadn't been running (lack of attention, not any problem) for many years.

I would like to set the time, but I've heard conflicting stories on how to do it. One way was to gently run the minute hand clockwise and allow the chimes to run, the other way was to turn the minute hand counter-clockwise.

There wasn't any instruction manual found so I need some good information because I don't want do any damage.

So my questions are: 1) Which method is the recommended way, clockwise or counter-clockwise? 2) Is there an online version of the instruction manual available?

My email is: x002009 at AOL.COM

Hi there Larry,

The answer is to always set the time by gently turning the minute hand clockwise.
All other methods can and will cause some sort of damage.
Why don't you sent us some pictures of your beautifull clock for everybody to enjoy.


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