Questions on my grandfather clock

by Max Maddox
(Dyersburg, TN USA)

I recently took posession of a GFC with no visible brand name. For the time, I am holding it until my son is settled (soon I hope).

Parts include:
1. Standing wood cabinet
2. 2 Weights (to be attached to 2 separate chains
3. Pendulum on wooden shaft with hook at end
4. Clock workingsgears & wheels)with chimes
5. A rather unusual 6" flat brass piece with and adjusting screw and hook on one end with an opening on the other that seems to also hang.

My assumption is a that this is a regulating devise for pendulum precision.
And finally, my son indicated there was a breakin at his home and the only thing missing was ONE WEIGHT.
Question, there are only 2 chains visible, could the thief have taken a weight, and chain? Could that have been for the chimes, and if so, assuming the clock will work without that weight.

Where can I purchase chain and weight?

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