Ridgeway Curio Grandfather Clock

by Frances James
(Dublin, Virginia)

We have a curio grandfather clock that I have searched the internet for the last 7 years and haven't found it.

It is 84 1/2 in. tall, 33 in. wide, and 10 1/2 deep. It is Chain driven 3 weighted clock, has St. Michael, Whittington, Westminster, and silent setting on the chimes.

It rings on the 1/4 hour, 1/2 hr., and 3/4 hr. It has a moon dial with the numbers 1 thru 29 above it.

The field is blue with numerous stars and just the full moon on it.

It sat in the Pulaski furniture plant main lobby for about 22 years and then Pulaski furniture in Dublin, VA. went out of business and Eathan Allen bought the plant and it sat in their lobby until they closed in 2005 or 2006.

All furniture and that clock was auctioned off to the employess and we won the bid ($574.79) and it has been in my home for the last 8 years.

It has 6 small shelves inside the cabinet of the clock for curios and a full shelf on the bottom that is frosted glass and lit underneath, there are two small doors at the top and there is a light on either side of the clock face, and a mirror that runs up the complete back of the clock and when I have the lights on it is magnificent.

But, also the glass on the right and left side of the door is rounded, as are the 2 small doors on either side of the clock face. haven't seen that on any grandfather clock I have looked at. These are the particulars of the clock:

Dial: Q5
Model 338
Mvmt: CC
Finish: THOA/B2
Set-up: 082690
Registered Serial #: 90048034

I would add some pictures but I don't have a digital camera at this time. If anybody knows anything about this clock I would love to hear from you.I would like to know what it may be worth it is excellent operating condition.

Frances James

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Nov 12, 2012
I have this clock
by: Janice

Hi. I have this magnificent clock. I purchased it from JC Penney in 1992. It is a glorious clock. If you'd like, I will send yiu pics. Just let me know. I can be reached at jgfrancis@tydingslaw.com

Sep 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Ridgeway Grandfather Clock "Keepsake"

Traditional Collection RW # 2130

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