Ridgeway timekeeper I'll be keeping!!!

by Eric

Does anyone else have one like mine?

Does anyone else have one like mine?

Holy ticking tock what a find!!

Guilt complex prevents me from telling anyone what I paid for this!

The pic in the Craig's posting was very dim because the house it came from was being foreclosed on and the power company shut off the juice.

I didn't bother to haggle over the deal, I paid the man and brought this big bad granddad home!!!

I never dreamed I'd own a clock like this and stay married!
So far I haven't seen another like it on the web. Does anyone else have one like mine?

I'd sure like to know how many were originally made and what they sold for new. Going to write to the company site next.

I'll never sell mine but I am going to have it insured.

Any idea what the current value is? It is in mint condition, here are the particulars:
Dial. AV
Model 1989
Mvmt. NS
Finish mahogany B/9
Setup. 6/19/89

Thanks, Eric

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