Seeking information on our Herschede Tempest Fugit

by S. Carpenter
(Palestine, Texas USA)

We are seeking information on our Herschede Tempest Fugit.

If we are reading it correctly it has 77 on back of movement, 3 pendelums , and we think a 600 series model.

We do not have a picture, but it's touchy to being moved and has to have clock repairs person always come to reset it.

We would like to know more about it and it value for insurance purposes.
thanks. Sandy

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Oct 16, 2014
by: Portia

Would like to know value of herschede rebecca boone tempest fugit grandmother clock #625 email

Feb 23, 2014
information plate
by: Brenda

Where is the information plate located
I have looked on the back and inside and haven't found anything

I want to sell this clock but want to get idea of price before I advertise it. We don't use it/and have no clue how to set it etc.


please email


Feb 09, 2014
Herschede Rebecca Boone Clock #625
by: Joanne

Just purchased a Herschede Tempus Fugit / Rebecca Boone #625 3-tubular clock. It looks to be in excellent condition and runs and chimes. Found this clock in a thrift store and had it moved to my store. Anyone have any idea of the value of this clock? How about "Rebecca Boone #625" stamped on the brass plate? Would love to get an estimated value of the clock.

Thanks for any help you could give me.

May 07, 2013
tempus fugit herschede 600 series
by: Anonymous

I am trying to find information about tempus fugit herschede 600 series grandfather clock.
I would like to know what the value might be.

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