Should I Upgrade to Hentschels Movement 1161 853 BSK?

by Dan
(Tonganoxie, KS, US)

We had our Hentschel Model 6020 East Aurora serviced today.

The service man noted that the 1161 movement is actually pretty light.

I think he called it something like a 15-year movement.
He mentioned that when he used to sell Hentschels he was able to get them to upgrade the movement to the 1171, which I have seen noted as the Flagship Hermle movement.

It is our intent for the clock to be handed down for generations.
The clock is working fine now that it was serviced but looking toward the future I have a couple of questions.

Would it make sense to purchase a replacement mechanism to have in reserve down the road (clock is 10 years old but I hate to admit it but this is the first time we had it serviced).

Or does the manufacture of clock mechanism stay pretty constant. In other words, if the movement fail 10 years from now, would a replacement be available?

If it makes sense to get a new movement now, should we consider a 1171 movement? Finally, is there a 1171 movement that is comparable to dimensions of our 1161?

Thanks for any input you all may have.


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