Sligh 0976-1-AN - Volume?

by annie
(Chicago, IL)

I own the Sligh Model 0976-1-AN.

Is there a way to adjust the volume or time that the chimes begin??

I would like to turn it lower but cannot find out how to do so.

They begin chiming at 7 am and on weekends I get no sleep!

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May 10, 2012
chimes 15mins late on the hour
by: Robet Chicago

My clock chimes the full run plus the number of hours the time is but on the the hour. It is off by 15mins and chimes the completly on the 15min of every hour. Is there a way to adjust?
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Apr 23, 2011
try this
by: Alan

Sounds like it has night time silent mode which turns of the chimes between 10pm & 7am
should also be a lever to put clock in silent mode full time. its normal on the right side of the dial near the 3 (can sometime be in upper right corner).
by putting the clock on silent on friday afternoon
no strke till you put it back to chime position

You can adjust the hammers so as not so loud but be careful not to damage them.
the further the hammer is away from the chime bars at rest the softer the chimes. so see what the distanceis and gently move each hammer back.
the hammers on the left (as you look at the clock from the front) do the hour strike the one on the left the 1/4 chimes

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