Sligh Grandfather Clock Model 0322-1-BR chime is off by 1-Hr

by John
(Naperville, IL)

How do I adjust the chime? The clock is chiming short by 1 chime.

Thank You,

Hi there John

If your clocks is out of sync, it is possible to adjust the clock by moving the minute hand back by 15 minutes, you then move the hand the other way past the xet 15 minute mark.

You do this until the number of times the clock chimes is correct.

Should the not be resolved after your resetting, then this could mean that someone installed the minute hand in the wrong direction.

You can correct this by removing the nut for minute hand with a pair of pliers, the you remove the minute hand.

The next thing to do ist to put it on the position where it chimes the right number of times.

Afterwards you attach the nut again.


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