The Bong Bong Clock!

by Abigail

Dear tall clock lovers

This letter kind of needs a little story with it for it to make sense

My name is Abigail and I am 15 years old now but when I was 7 all the way to 9 my older sister used to go to her tutors house and take me with her. My sisters tutor lived with her aunt and the first day I was there I sat in the dining room and in the corner I heard this most interesting sound I had ever heard.

I am born blind so sounds are a lot to me and what I heard was the tick tock of a clock sitting in the corner of the room by the hard floors and I remember asking a lot of questions and just sitting down by the sound of it.

It kind of annoyed them so I just stayed there and it made me want to sleep but then another new sound happened it was a soft but loud bong sound. It did it 4 times and it traveled to my ears in the strangest way

After that day I always sat there at the house listening to it. We moved a few years later and I always miss now that I live in a quiet house the sound of that clock. My friend did a lot of searching for me and found a sound file or I think video of a clock that sounds exactly like the one I like

Only thing is it only plays in my one ear it is very annoying but you can still hear it. She said the clock making these sounds is called Howard Miller. My computer confused me on this website but my friend says I am putting this in the right spot

Do tall clocks still make these bong bong sounds? Where can you buy those? My dad knows someone who does wood working and he might make me a clock for my room but all the tick tock boxes he had me listen to played songs and they are pretty but I like the bong sound. Can you buy the bong sounding ones to put in a tall clock somewhere?

Thank you


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Mar 28, 2014
Tall Clock
by: Anonymous

Try looking for a tall clock ( either Colonial or Howard Miller) on If you can find one near you you can pick it up and save shipping. You probably can get a nice working one for under $1000 and maybe even a lot cheaper.

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