The chimes are two hours behind

by Thomas Neviaser

How can I set the chimes to match the time?

My Daneker Grandfather Clock President, bought in 1973.

The chimes are two hours behind.

I have tried counterclockwise turning of the minute hand twelve hours but this did not work. There is an instruction that says to move the hour hand to the hour chimed then set the clock to the correct hour.
This is done at the time of the chime.I am assuming the minute hand is pushed counterclockwise here as well.

Are these directions correct?

Hi Thomas

To reset your clock please observe the following rules:

1) Never adjust the hour hand. This can cause serious damage.
2) Never turn the minute hand anticlockwise.
This will can lead to damage.
3) Turn the minutehand to the next full hour and wait for the chiming to finish.
Then turn to the next full hour, and so on until you have the correct time.

I hope this advice has helped you.


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Apr 05, 2012
adjusting chime to time
by: Anonymous

I have a clock with three chime setting, Whinch. Whitt. and Western. The western chime is in time with the hour but the other two are two hours ahead? How do I fix this.
Thank you.

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