The clock serves as a reminder of my grandmother

by Lucy

I inherited a Gazo grandfather clock from my grandmother who passed away last year. While unsure of the model, the clock reads "Gazo '77" when you open the door. The clock is tall with light-colored wood and an ornate carving at the top. It fits perfectly in my quaint home.

The clock had lost it's chime several years ago, and as a birthday present last year, my husband had the clock repaired and it now chimes again.

Antique and grandfather clocks hold great significance in my family, as my grandfather used to own a store specializing in clocks, lovingly named Frantique's after my grandmother Frances.

Thus, clocks hold a very special place in my heart, because they have always been a part of my family story. While I did not have the pleasure of meeting my grandfather who passed away with a brain tumor before I was born, I learned much about him through the stories associated with various clocks in my grandmother's home.

When I went to take my Gazo clock home, I remember one of my aunts implying that it was a shame that I intended to keep the clock. She suggested we sell the clock and split the profit. Seeing as how my grandmother did not feel the need to sell the clock after all these years, I have no intention of doing that.

The clock will now continue to be passed down in our family. One day the clock will sit Frances' granddaughter's living room. It will chime every 15 minutes as it does now.

The beautiful sound of the clock's chime serves as a daily reminder for me as to how important my grandmother was to me and how much she meant to me. It is a reminder to pay homage to her and all that she did for me.

The chime serves as a momentary reminder for me of all the happy memories in her home that were predicated by that chime. So, in summary, no I will not sell the clock!

Instead, I will pass the clock along in our family, as my grandmother would have had me do!

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