The pendulum hits the weights

by Edward
(Queens NY)

I just bought a 7 tube Colonial clock: the pendulum hits the weights when the weight drop to a level where they are right behind the pendulum....

I have tried tilting the clock backwards.

Any suggestions?

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Mar 13, 2012
Pendulum Problems
by: Peter Notar

Yes, the clock may need to be leveled. But has it been moved recently, such as painting the room or installing new carpets?
The rear of the clock may be sitting on the "tack strip" for the wall to wall carpet--which is what happened to my clock. So try to move it just a little way from the wall and see if that cures the problem. That worked for me.

Jan 10, 2012
pendulum hitting weights
by: Anonymous

Leveling is not likely to fix this.
It is more likely that the pendulum is
not swinging straight or is rotated
This can be caused by a failing suspension
spring or bent pendulum hanger.
If the pendulum is not swinging in a straight
line, it means something is not right up
near the top of the pendulum.
Tinker Dwight

Aug 15, 2010
Leveling the clock
by: Jeen

Hi Edward,

Congratulations on this unusual clock.
I suggest that you use a spirit level and some wedges and try to get the clock standing absolutely level.
Grandfather clocks need to stand absolutely level or they will not run properly.

This should also take care of your problem.

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