The Sound of Time Lady

by Janice Slack
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I inherited a Ridgeway Grandfather clock when my parents died.

I love my clock. My problem is that the middle weight descends but not the two side weights.

It also doesn't chime any longer. Is there anything I can do personally to fix this situation.

I know my best bet is to get a clock repairman but I really don't have the money right now. Help, I miss the sound of my clock chiming.

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Aug 17, 2011
Re: Ridgeway Grandfather Clock
by: Steve

If you have discovered that your clock was indeed on "silence".. you've already solved your problem. If not...try this...and I know this is going to sound so simple it's ridiculous... But on the bottom of each weight is a mark that tells you where each weight should be when you are facing the clock. If the left and right weights are not on the correct side.. Your clock will not operate correctly! Sounds simple I know.. but you'd be surprised how often I find the weights hanging from the wrong chain. The center chain runs the clock itself.. the left and right chains operate the chimes and when the clock strikes the hour. Hope this helps! Nothing compares to the sweet soft sound of a chiming Grandfather clock. :)

Apr 22, 2011
try this
by: Alan

Likly problem is that your clock has been put on Silence, look for a lever at 3 oclock which will say "silent, west, st mich, whit" or similer
or it could be at the top right of the dial.
hope this helps

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