by Marsha Burton
(Terrell, Texas 75160)

We have a Ridgeway clock that my husband bought me in 1991.

I have noticed that I cannot fine a clock like mine. The clock was in a fire, however the damage is more smoke and the heat did a number on the finish.
I do not know about the copper inside the head part though.

It was in storage. The insurance is saying its only worth $1,833.28.

We bought it for $4,000.00 in 1991 and when the pomade clock people delivered it to our home they said the actual value was $6,000.00

It is a Cario, however , it is not like the one on your site. I have pillars and the front and my glass it angled.

It has roses at the top on both sides.
and in the center, the is a piece of carved wood that is shaped like a fan of indian style.

the bottom of the clock has scrolled flowers at the bottom. mirror back.

The head has moon, stars and water at the top, roman numbers, had the key that hosts the pulleys, light in the pendulum, and a fluorescent light at the bottom of the clock.

The numbers on the receipt was 8909. I don't think Ridgeway made very many of these, because I have never seen another one like it.
At the Texas state fair, or in the stores.

Thank you for your attention.

Marsha Burton

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