Value of Ridgeway Model# 231 from 1999 still packed

by Dave L
(Austin, TX)

Ridgewood Model# 231

Ridgewood Model# 231

Hi all,

I'm new to the topic of grandfather clocks, as I research the web, apparently there are much more to it than just a piece of furniture with a clock on it.

My in-law has this Ridgeway model#231 in the closet of the house for the longest time that I can remember (perhaps back to 1999) which is "new" as not setup.

The items came with the clock still in unpacked boxes.

Since no one really know how much this clock was bought for and no one in this family really know about anything with grandfather clock, I would like to know:
(1) how much something like this is worth
(2) how much does it cost to have it setup and use
(3) what kind of maintainences is required and cost involve

Thanks in advance

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