We inherited a gorgeous Grandfather Clock but how to set up?

by S Schneider
(Kelowna, BC, Canada)

It's from Colonial Times Clock Company, dated July 16 1980. Our Aunt took the insides out before we had a look. I have used the manual (in the bottom of the base) but it doesn't show any pictures or give any instructions for the chime rods set-up/attachment or where the 6 thin 14" turned brass and 4 thin 14" brass "straws" go. These are solid and bend easily so we are careful to keep them flat. There are 6 long hollow tubes of varied lengths for the chimes but I can't see where they hang from. They have two small holes drilled in the top with fishing line looped through.

The hood back has a piano hang at the top so three sides and the top all moves up and back (swings to the back over the top to give access to the clock movement).

I have already attached the three weights (2x 7.7lb ; 1x 9.9lb)with heaviest to the far right. The pendulum is attached by a small brass screw to an arm which hooks onto the clock movement above. I set the time using the minute hand sweeping around, then held one weight while gently pulling on the chain until the weight was at it's peak. (repeated with middle and far right weight) I then gave the pendulum a slight push and it began to tick....2 hours later still on track and doing great!

Question: the "Movement Instruction Manual" has no information about hanging the chimes or setting them.

There are two long brass (solid) "straws" with what looks like tiny screw threads inside. These two items are found on the left side, hanging from the movement, and left of the first weight. I can only see then if I look directly up inside the truck with the door open. Are these for anything? Maybe setting the chimes?

I would like to send photos but must ask my son to do this as I am not very computer savvy.

Hope this makes sense. Would appreciate any advice. We
live in Kelowna, BC, Canada

Thanks, S Schneider

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